I have a crush, and it’s my Field Placement…

Do you know what a field placement is? What about a practicum? Internship? These are all words that are used to describe the portion of the Social Work curriculum that takes place OUTSIDE of the classroom. We spend hours, days, weeks, even an entire year at our field placements while pursuing a degree in Social Work. It’s kind of a big deal… and I’m finally admitting I have a crush on my field placement.

The field placement is an extremely important piece to the curriculum. While I love learning in the classroom and being challenged by my peers I absolutely love my field placement. It gives me a space to apply what I’m learning in the classroom to real life situations. I learned early on (in my BSW) program how important your field placement is and the positive or negative implications it can have on your education. So right now, make a mental note that it is important to do you research on field placement options and advocate for yourself when choosing the one for you.

Since my concentration is CMPP (community, management, policy practice) my field placement is a Macro placement with the Family Support Program at the School of Social Work. Since I’m an advanced standing student I have been at my placement since the end of June. I could not have imagined the wonderful opportunities and experiences that were going to come out of this field placement and it’s only October! I still have 6 months left to learn from these wonderful mentors. So if you are considering Macro social work and the CMPP concentration, here is a look into my world:


What are some of the things I’ve been doing?

  • Grant writing, searching for funding through various sites such as PIVOT, planning a meeting to bring various people together to discuss collaborating for grants
  • Writing a Business plan
  • Creating a policies and procedure manual for our Seminar Series
  • Creating evaluations on a software called Qualitrics
  • Analyzing the evaluations
  • Attending community stakeholder meetings
  • Helping create a new website
  • Analyzing data to create state level reports for grants
  • Developing a needs assessment
  • Exhibiting at conferences

Exhibit 2

The list goes on an on and on! I absolutely love that I have the ability to wear various hats throughout the day and work on different projects. I’m blessed to have a field supervisor with a dual degree (MPA/MSW) that takes supervision and mentoring me very seriously. Wherever I can use classroom assignments/discussions/teachings in my field placement, I do. The crossover really helps solidify the material and my learning!

I hope this has helped you see a little into the world of a CMPP placement and all the wonderful opportunities one can have.


About Morgan Forrester

I am an advanced standing student pursuing the CMPP concentration set to graduate in May 2015. I am from northern Kentucky but recently spent 6 years in Louisville, KY, home to some of the best food and horse racing around. My social work interests are education policy, program development and evaluation, social work curriculum and education, community development, policy analysis, research, and leadership formation.
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