The Home Stretch

We are entering the final week of October, and for those of us in the Winston-Salem and Triangle distance ed programs, that means four weeks of classes left in the semester. Yes…one, two, three, FOUR more 9-to-5 Fridays, then zero—that’s ZERO—classes until early January.

The number four hasn’t sounded this good since Sesame Street.

As I scan my desk calendar, though, I realize that this is a tricky four. It’s a four that will include two presentations, two assignments due, and a couple more hours of CEUs to be completed. Oh, and let’s not forget the final paper that’s due two and a half weeks after the end of the four. In other (statistical) words, with four weeks of classes to go, approximately 60% of my work load for the semester is still ahead of me.

Four just became much less sexy.

Never fear, though—I’ve done this before. This is the home stretch of a long-distance race, and I can see the finish line. The great thing about this period is that there’s no more pacing myself. It’s an all-out sprint—no questions asked, do the next thing in front of me, and keep moving. It’s hard, it’s stressful, it’s exhausting, but I know that by the time the pumpkin pie is on the Thanksgiving table, I’ll be finished with classes and have only one last paper to finish—and a week and a half to do it.  After that, it’s Christmas music on the radio and sleeping late for the next four Fridays.

Suddenly, four sounds really nice again.


About Ross Cole

I'm a second-year student in the Winston-Salem Distance Ed program. My primary career interests are in the mental health realm, and I plan to get my clinical license (LCSW). My current field placement is at CareNet Counseling in Winston-Salem. I live in Jamestown and am a native North Carolinian, but I've lived in several other states (spent 9+ years in Seattle, WA). Oh, and I ran into Bob Barker at the Louvre when I was like 10.
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