Becoming a LEADER at UNC!

Hi y’all,

To those of you who are applying to the UNC School of Social Work right now, GOOD LUCK! I’m nearing the end of the first semester of my second year in the MSW program, and I have been thinking about some of the things I have done during my time at UNC that have helped me grow as a person and have prepared me to become a great social worker… the first thing that came to mind was my involvement with SoWoSO (the Social Work Student Organization)

In addition to classes, lots of homework, many hours at field, and trying to squeeze in time for friends and loved ones, I have found a great opportunity to become a leader at the School of Social Work by getting involved with SoWoSO. SoWoSO is a student run organization committed to providing a voice to students within the school, helping create a sense of community and strong communication between students and staff, and organizing events each month based on students’ interests. SoWoSo has numerous student-run interest groups called caucuses, that put on amazing events each month such as movie-screenings, panel discussions, guest speakers, advocacy events and more.

This year we have 9 active student caucuses: (

  • Aging caucus
  • Homelessness caucus
  • Military caucus
  • Black Student caucus
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBTQ) caucus
  • Macro caucus
  • Mental health caucus
  • International caucus

So where do I fit into all of this? I am one of the SoWoSO chairs- more specifically I am the SOCIAL chair! I am responsible for maintaining the SoWoSO calendar, sending monthly emails regarding upcoming events, planning the beginning of year potluck and end of year mixer, attending SoWoSO meetings, planning monthly social events, and assisting the other two chairs in making decisions regarding SoWOSO.

In addition to executive chair positions, each caucus has 2-3 caucus chairs, and SoWoSO also has student representatives who attend different faculty committees and serve as the students’ voice in those committee meetings. SoWoSO has OVER 25 leadership positions, meaning if you come to the UNC School of Social Work, we will be looking for future leaders like you to fill some of those positions!

Being a SoWoSO chair has been a fantastic opportunity for me to develop and improve upon my communication skills, organizational skills, and leadership skills! I have also learned to work in a team to make decisions, and have enjoyed being a middle-man between the students and the faculty. I strongly encourage incoming students to get involved in SoWoSO, and become leaders in your social work community! 🙂

Some of the events I've planned this year! :)

Some of the events I’ve planned this year! 🙂

SoWoSO mixer


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Welcome to the UNC School of Social Work Ambassador blog! I am a 2nd year Full Time MSW student, also doing the MSW/MPH dual degree. I am from Chicago, and have been living in North Carolina for two years. My social work interests include low-income communities, at-risk youth and educational attainment, social determinants of health, Immigrant populations, and families & children. I am a strong social justice advocate and outdoor enthusiast, which makes NC a great place for me to live! I love to run, hike, and see friends in my free time.
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