Professional Development Opportunities

When I came to UNC I expected to receive an excellent education, after all the program is ranked number 5 in the country. However, what I didn’t expect was the emphasis the school puts on professional development, and I have been pleasantly pleased. The school has a staff member dedicated to student development and they do this in a number of ways. What I’m going to let you in on is the Professional Development Workshops that are offered.

During the Fall and Spring there are a variety of workshops the school has to help the students develop professionally. I have been able to attend a few of the workshops and I have yet to be let down. They have all been a valuable use of my time! A few of the workshops this semester have been: A Pathway to Effective Communication (all about how to be a good presenter), Resume preparation (career services came to the school and did this one), Job searching (career services again for the win), and a luncheon with Macro and Direct practice faculty for first year students debating on their concentration.

I went to the resume and job searching workshops and they were fantastic. I learned some good tips on resume writing, for example, if you are applying to jobs out of state it’s not necessary to put your address on your resume.  I also learned some good tips at the job searching workshop (beef up your LinkedIn profile!). I also made my way to the Career Services building for resume review, and WOW! I am so thankful I ventured out of the social work building, the Career Services has so much to offer and it was pretty cool just seeing a new building.

Next spring they are offering: Before, During, and After the Interview, How to effectively Network and conduct Informational Interviews, Negotiation Social Work Salaries and Benefits (totally pumped for this one), NC Licensure Process, and a Licensure Exam Preparation. I think there has been a wonderful variety of subjects offered during the workshop series.

I am really thankful the School puts emphasis on professional development. These workshops have provided insight for me as well as the conferences I have been able to attend and be reimbursed for through the SOWOSO fund. All of these opportunities have been extremely helpful for me as I am going to be entering the work Social Work work force again, this time seeking a Macro position. Take advantage of as many things as possible during your graduate experience.


About Morgan Forrester

I am an advanced standing student pursuing the CMPP concentration set to graduate in May 2015. I am from northern Kentucky but recently spent 6 years in Louisville, KY, home to some of the best food and horse racing around. My social work interests are education policy, program development and evaluation, social work curriculum and education, community development, policy analysis, research, and leadership formation.
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