The FUN To-Do List

Winter break is almost here! And, in typical form I have already set up a daunting to-do list. I think to myself, “This is a great opportunity to catch up on all those readings you skipped over during the semester, reply to all those unanswered emails, start your job search, finish RA work….” The list goes on. BUT, it is so important to also REST and RECHARGE. it’s called a break for a reason. So, in the spirit of self-care, I present to you the FUN version of my winter break to-do list. 😉

1. Go ice skating at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, imagining that my blades are slicing through social injustice with each well executed pirouette!

2. Eat lots of uniquely flavored doughnuts at Monuts on 9th St in Durham, whose circular shape symbolize the equity and unity I hope to see come about in our community.

3. Hike around the Eno River, appreciating the beauty of the natural world untainted by social constructs and gender norms.

4. Watch episodes from my favorite TV shows “30 Rock” because laughter is the best medicine and “The Wire” because the social worker’s job is never done.

5. Throw snowballs, God willing.

6. Bask in the goodness that is time spent with family and friends.

7. And also bask in the goodness that is quality alone time perhaps with a novel, cup of tea, and my pups.

photo copy

I hope you all, in school or out, are able to do the things that bring you joy and peace and that rejuvenate your spirit.

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