What I’m excited about this month…. HKonJ rally and march!!!

Next Saturday (February 14) is my FAVORITE event of the entire year, and I want to share my excitement about it with all of you.

HKonJ (Historic Thousands on Jones St) is a giant march and rally that happens every year in Raleigh, where thousands of people march to the capitol building and unite together to fight for numerous causes. This year will be the 9th annual HKonJ march, and it will be my 3rd year attending. It has been one of the best events I’ve been to the last two years I’ve gone, and I cannot wait to go again.

HKonJ attracts activists, social justice advocates, men, women, children, and families from across North Carolina and other states, to fight for numerous progressive causes. These causes include (but are not limited to):

  • Voting rights
  • Labor rights
  • Education Equality
  • Health Care for All
  • Equal Protection for All
  • Criminal Justice and Police Reform
  • Environmental Justice
  • Reproductive Rights

Why is this event so great?

  • First of all, there are THOUSANDS of people there! While the Triangle includes a few medium-sized cities (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill), the Chicago girl in me sometimes misses being among large crowds. It’s awesome to see thousands and thousands of people marching together, from all sorts of backgrounds, cultures, and fighting for many different causes.
  • People from any political party can attend. The nature of the event is to fight for numerous human rights issues and progressive issues, but that does not mean you have to be a democrat to attend! The rally is a non-partisan movement, so all are welcome to attend!
  • There is a true sense of change in the air at this event. Being surrounded by thousands of other change-agents, truly is inspiring. It’s a great feeling.
  • As a social work student, I feel it is my duty to be an advocate for social change that affects me and the clients I work with. Attending HKonJ is one of the many ways I can be an advocate for the causes I believe in.

Want to join the movement and attend the rally? Check out the website! http://www.hkonj.com

Some UNC MSW students at last year's HKonJ event!

Some UNC MSW students at last year’s HKonJ event!


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Welcome to the UNC School of Social Work Ambassador blog! I am a 2nd year Full Time MSW student, also doing the MSW/MPH dual degree. I am from Chicago, and have been living in North Carolina for two years. My social work interests include low-income communities, at-risk youth and educational attainment, social determinants of health, Immigrant populations, and families & children. I am a strong social justice advocate and outdoor enthusiast, which makes NC a great place for me to live! I love to run, hike, and see friends in my free time.
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