What are you doing after_____?

I would like to know who came up with that sentence and thank them for creating the most pressuring question a student could be asked! With my semester winding down, rather quickly (85 days and 18 hours until graduation), this sentence has been thrown at me like a world wind. Let’s admit it. Nobody likes this question. Not even the people who feel they have it all together because who really KNOWS? You can imagine that you’ll be doing this or expect to be doing that, but we can’t truly be sure until that thing is a reality. However, even with my dislike of this sentence, my hypocritical nature has allowed that dreaded sentence to form in my mouth and release its poison over my fellow classmates far too often since this semester started. Sorry friends….I just….just….sigh. I don’t know. I think people just throw it out as conversation filler. Yes, it is a terrible one.

At any rate, I bet you’re wondering what my answer to that question is. Well, I can tell you what I hope to be doing after graduation. I have been applying to career jobs like a mad woman in order to ensure I have options come May 10th. With my focus in social work on the macro track, I am very interested in impacting whole communities and whole groups at once. My target issue that I am most concerned with is college access and success; hence, I have been applying for jobs in that field. Most of the jobs I have applied for have been at universities, community colleges, a few high schools, and one or two community agencies all of which focus on college access. Did my interest shift while at the SSW? Almost. My first year, I became super fascinated with the material I was learning and it made me want to become a direct practice social worker and provide clinical services, to being strictly macro, to later finally settling on being macro while getting the School Social Worker license. Prior to enrolling into the SSW, I knew I wanted to be macro but through the knowledge learned while in school, I sought to obtain a license as well. What does social work have to do with college access and success? Everything! With my knowledge on how to connect communities and individuals with resources to improve their circumstances, direct practice skills in conversing with students and families, and knowledge of personal, family, and community factors that may inhibit academic attainment, my social work background will ensure I can become one of the best college access advocates in the field. I am really excited to put everything into practice with my first job position!

So keep in mind, rather you’re planning on entering school in the fall or in a few years, regardless of your age, sex, or gender, you will be haunted with the question: “What are you doing after ______?” You’ve been warned!

J – Mo


About Monique Smith

Hi all! I am a final year MSW student! Concentration: Community, Management and Policy Practice Hometown: Erwin, NC Areas of Interest: Education policy, College Access, Rural Communities, Adolescents Field Placement: Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate Interesting Fact: I published my first devotional book entitled “Progression: Being Perfected” in May 2014 and it is available on amazon.com! Reach out to me with questions about field placements, class schedules, workload, and anything else you may have in mind! moniques@email.unc.edu
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