Short Courses

Are you familiar with short courses? I wasn’t aware of the concept before starting the MSW program at UNC. In the spring, there are a variety of short courses offered in the school of social work. These are 7 week courses that are either in the first or second half of the semester. The short courses are on a variety of elective topics, both direct and macro practice related.

The short courses offer a way for the students to take more elective topics. For example, instead of taking one 3 credit hour elective for the entire semester we can take two 1.5 credit hour electives on different topics. This semester I am taking asset development practice and policy and program development and proposal preparation. The short courses are very helpful when wanting to learn a lot of content in your short time in the MSW program.

A challenge to the short courses can be the work load and the timing of the short courses. However, overall they are a great piece to the curriculum that makes UNC’s MSW program unique. You can check out the classes the school offers and some previous syllabi online under current students, academic resources. As a prospective student I found this part of the school’s website really helpful.


About Morgan Forrester

I am an advanced standing student pursuing the CMPP concentration set to graduate in May 2015. I am from northern Kentucky but recently spent 6 years in Louisville, KY, home to some of the best food and horse racing around. My social work interests are education policy, program development and evaluation, social work curriculum and education, community development, policy analysis, research, and leadership formation.
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