Spring breakin’ up for the takin’: How are you spending your time?

First and foremost, I want to send a very big congratulations out to everyone who has been newly accepted in the UNC’s SSW! I know this is quite an exciting time for you all, and we can’t wait to meet you and get to know you more on Welcome Weekend (April 10th and 11th). Welcome Weekend is an exciting time to get to know our school a little better, become familiar with your cohort, and meet some of our amazing professors–can’t wait to see you there!

Well folks, it is spring break here at the School of Social Work, which means time to relax, get ahead on work, or catch up with old friends. I’ve opted to take the family route, and traveled home to the New Jersey/Philadelphia area to see my parents. However, even with this time off, I am learning the importance of networking–no matter where you are at! For that reason, I am spending spring break simply making contact and reaching out, a great skill I will constantly be working on and learning to perfect as a future social worker. So why not start now? You never know where something might lead.

After going to UNC SSW’s Direct Practice Networking night on February 23rd, I learned the value and importance of networking, especially in our field. Social workers are constantly interacting and meeting new community members, whether you are direct practice or CMPP concentration, so it always helps to stay connected to agencies in the community as well as the staff who works there. Better yet, sometimes these relationships can turn into job offers later on down the line and set you up for a new opportunity that you never once considered. AKA the power of networking!

With that said, it is important to take time over spring break to continue to network. You never know who who will meet that can help to strengthen you as a social worker along the way!

This networking night at the school was just one of the examples of professional development that UNC puts on throughout the spring. I can honestly say in my last semester that UNC has done a fabulous job of providing students with professional opportunities prior to graduation. Whether it’s resume building, interview practice, salary negotiation, or steps towards the licensure practice–UNC has got us covered!

Better yet, all these tools and techniques build up to our annual Career Day, a day where employers can come and talk with social work students. This day allows for our networking circle to expand, as well as an opportunity to give out our resumes for potential employment. What a win/win! Career day is just one of the ways that UNC is adequately preparing us for graduation and a huge benefit that all students receive in choosing to come to UNC.

I hope this blog post gave you some insight in the benefits to networking in regards to the job search and future employment opportunities. I can assure you that by choosing to come to UNC SSW, you will be prepared for the job market by having the skills and tools provided by our great professional development resources!


About reginae2014d

Hey guys, my name is Regina D'Auria and I am a 2nd year MSW student in the Advanced Standing Program here at UNC SSW. My concentration is Direct Practice. I am originally from New Jersey, and I did my undergraduate studies at Appalachian State University. My areas of interests are with child & maternal health, as well at-risk youth & adolescents. I am particular interested in medical social work and healthcare related settings. I originally started my social work path working with transitional resources for youth aging out of the foster care system. My field placement is at WakeMed Hospital, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit/Post-Partum care. My fun fact is that I am currently dating Netflix. It's pretty much an addiction. We hope you apply to our great MSW program!
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