The Hunting Ground

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Last week I was able to participate in a viewing of  “The Hunting Ground”. This film is a documentary exposing rape crimes on U.S. college campuses, the way institutions cover them up, and the devastating toil  it takes on their families.

The link for the film preview can be found here:

As a social worker, this film left me feeling extremely angry, hurt, passionate, charged, moved, enlighted, compassionate, and encouraged. Throughout the film, top ivy league colleges, as well as our beloved UNC were featured through testimonials from young women and men who are survivors of sexual assault.

The accounts are very vivid but the results from informing school officials are more hurtful than hearing about the initial assault.

I encourage you all, as social workers and aspiring social workers, to view this film and take action! This film should be showed at college orientations, in high schools, and for individuals interested in pledging fraternities.

Sexual assault is a real issue and with it being ignored, survivors need advocates like us to take action.

Let’s change the world folks!



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