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Hi friends! In prior posts I mentioned I am from Florida and came to North Carolina specifically for this Master’s program. As if stressing over the idea of beginning a Master’s program wasn’t stress-causing enough, throw in looking for a place to live…OVER THE INTERNET. The first time I ever visited North Carolina was for the School of Social Work’s ‘welcome weekend’ (coming up this weekend!). It was a pretty packed agenda and I did not have much time to apartment hunt. In this post I hope to share with you (in-state or out-of-state students) that will help make finding the right place to live…a little less stressful!

1. If you attend welcome weekend, you will get a chance to meet other incoming MSW students! This is a great chance to see if other students are looking for a place to live or are in need of another roommate. Start that conversation!

2. Contact Sharon Thomas, the Assistant Dean for Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid. She can send out a mass email to all of the incoming students with roommate requests.

3. Facebook Cohorts- Often times graduating students are on the hunt for other students to sub-let their places OR someone to completely take over their lease. Search for ‘UNC MSW- Advice group!’ on Facebook. It’s a closed group but just request to join! You can post your questions about housing or really anything related about the MSW journey.

4. The following I copied and pasted from the 2014-2015 new student guide housing sections (

Helpful housing websites

•  The UNC student Newspaper, the Daily Tar Heel, posts housing options at

• UNC Off Campus Housing Information:

• Chapel Hill News ( has a lot of listings for both roommates and apartments/houses.

• Post on This is a roommate search for UNC students where you can post if you are looking for roommates, and look for other people who are also looking!

Carrboro vs. Chapel Hill vs. Durham- It really depends on your price range! I live in Carrboro because I found the rent was cheaper than compared to Chapel Hill. I didn’t look for places to live in Durham..but many of my social work peers live in Durham. The DATA (Durham Area Transit Authority) bus is free for UNC-Chapel Hill students and comes to campus.

If you have questions that were unanswered from this post..please email me: I might not have the answer but I can put you in touch with someone who might.


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I'm a 2nd year Full-Time graduate student at the UNC School of Social Work. I'm on the direct practice track and am interested in pursuing a career in healthcare social work. My favorite kind of self-care is staying in and having a 'pamper night' with a Netflix show playing on the side. My current Netflix addiction is the show New Girl (hilarious--how great is Schmidt?!)
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