End of the year events!

Well, I can’t believe it. In a little over 3 weeks, I will be walking across that MSW stage and graduating as a alum of the UNC program. So much has happened throughout my one year at Carolina, and it has been such a world wind. I cannot believe my time here is almost up and I have enjoyed writing these monthly Ambassador blogs so much!

There are many end of the semester events that have taken place throughout this past week that I am been luckily enough to have been apart of. On Thursday, April 9th, the Dean hosted a scholarship reception for all social work student recipients and donors alike. This was a great night for me, as I was able to gain a deeper perspective into our field from my amazing colleagues. Throughout this reception I was able to hear what other students have been doing throughout their time in the MSW program, the populations they serve, and their professional interests– a true motivation to listen to. Moreover, I got to talk with my specific donor, who has given funds in order to make graduate school a tangible option for myself and other students. This was a humbling night, as I got to witness firsthand all the behind the scenes work of people who truly believe in the heart of social work. Although we might not see them everyday, they truly back our school 100% and are committed to the initiative of serving helping professionals.

The next day kicked off our wonderful Welcome Weekend for newly accepted students! Both Friday and Saturday was the highlight of my weekend, as I got to meet all of you–our newly admitted students within the UNC program. This weekend is great for us as ambassadors because we can finally put a name to a face in who we have been communicating with over the past few months. It also is great to see such excitement in the room from our new incoming class–your energy and passion is contagious! I hope this weekend was beneficial to you all in gaining new information about our program, finding out housing options, financial requirements, and even course work expectations. We truly enjoyed having you here at our school and cannot wait to see you in the summer and fall.

Lastly, yesterday the School of Social Work hosted their annual Career Day. This event was held specifically for students and outside community members who are on the job market (like myself) and getting ready for upcoming employment. With over 65 agencies present, this day gave a great opportunity for students to network with future employers and is another great example of professional development that is taking place at UNC outside of course work requirements. I enjoyed being able to get to know new agencies in the area, as well as having a chance to practice my skills of interviewing and resume building. I am hopeful that the connections I made yesterday at the career fair will amount to a great opportunity for employment in the future. Thanks UNC SSW!

After reflecting on this great (and extremely quick!) year in the Advanced Standing program, I am so fortunate that I got to contribute as an Ambassador. I want to encourage all students, no matter what your cohort, to apply to become an Ambassador when you arrive at the school. Being able to represent this university and the 5th leading school in the nation has been such an honor and I’m so fortunate to have completed my education here. With only 2 papers, and 1 presentation left, I cannot wait to put the letters “MSW” and “alumni” after my name in a few short weeks!

And of course, as always–go heels.

Ciao, Regina


About reginae2014d

Hey guys, my name is Regina D'Auria and I am a 2nd year MSW student in the Advanced Standing Program here at UNC SSW. My concentration is Direct Practice. I am originally from New Jersey, and I did my undergraduate studies at Appalachian State University. My areas of interests are with child & maternal health, as well at-risk youth & adolescents. I am particular interested in medical social work and healthcare related settings. I originally started my social work path working with transitional resources for youth aging out of the foster care system. My field placement is at WakeMed Hospital, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit/Post-Partum care. My fun fact is that I am currently dating Netflix. It's pretty much an addiction. We hope you apply to our great MSW program!
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