In 14 days I’ll be walking across a stage.

1…..4……. that is super soon.

How did the last year of my MSW program go by so quickly?

The struggle that was once oh so real, is now, really over.

I don’t know how to feel. Part of me is like Yeaaaaa! The other part is like…huh? but… but? You’re telling me I won’t walk into TTK anymore and see my friends in my cohort? Or I won’t scurry up to the 5th floor lab to print a paper right before class anymore? Is it so? Is it so?


Well my experiences at the School of Social work have been outstanding. I’ve had so many great opportunities from being a Research Assistant for two years, to being selected as the National winner of a Council on Social Work education scholarship, to attending several conferences, to being a social work ambassador, to building relationships that can last a lifetime. Attending school when I did happened at the most perfect time in my life. It gave me a fresh academic wind and helped me focus the rest of my career. Even though I knew I wanted to continue working in college access, getting my Masters helped me solidify the reasons why community outreach should be my first priority in assisting students to college. The knowledge gained in the classroom have helped me connect real world experience to various theories, therapies, and techniques.

Through my internship, I gained great experience and built professional networks that I can rely on in the future. All and all this was a great experience.

Even as I type this I still can’t believe its all over…. even though being in this program was  a struggle at times, I really enjoyed it. I love staying busy and this program provided me just that.

Well if you’re reading this and planning to pursue social work, you should. It’s a great field with great people who do great work.

Thanks for reading my posts this year! Best wishes in your future endeavors!


About Monique Smith

Hi all! I am a final year MSW student! Concentration: Community, Management and Policy Practice Hometown: Erwin, NC Areas of Interest: Education policy, College Access, Rural Communities, Adolescents Field Placement: Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate Interesting Fact: I published my first devotional book entitled “Progression: Being Perfected” in May 2014 and it is available on! Reach out to me with questions about field placements, class schedules, workload, and anything else you may have in mind!
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