Top 7 Reasons I’m Glad I Chose UNC (in no particular order)

  1. Faculty – It has been so much easier than I expected to build relationships with my professors, and these interactions have been more rewarding than I could have hoped. They have led to answers to long-standing questions I’ve had, ways to get involved with the School of Social Work, and even research and internship opportunities. I’m so grateful that I get to learn from such an eclectic and experienced group of people!
  2. Community – Before moving to Chapel Hill, I was concerned about what it would be like to live in such a renowned “college town”. I have been pleasantly surprised to discover how much there is to do in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, Raleigh, and North Carolina in general for those of us who are no longer undergraduates.11888619_10204711159202415_7534556417906465239_o
  3. Opportunities for Involvement –  My only complaint about graduate school is that there are not enough hours in the day to do all the activities that interest me. Whether it’s joining a caucus, volunteering at SHAC (the oldest student-run clinic in the country!), attending clinical lectures and workshops, or meeting up at a football game with other social work students, the days never feel long enough to squeeze in everything I’d like to!
  4. Peers – Moving to a new place is always scary, but walking into the School of Social Work on my first day, I felt as though I was finally surrounded by “my people”. The friends I have made have supported me through the unique experience of graduate school, and have been a huge part of my time in Chapel Hill.
  5. Tar Heel Basketball – As a long-time college basketball fan, there is no better place to be than Chapel Hill. Graduate students get priority in the ticket lottery, and there are always plenty of fellow Tar Heel enthusiasts to watch games with!10449973_10203302420864837_1647937488585475379_n
  6. Child Welfare Educational Collaborative – This opportunity has given me the chance to connect with faculty, staff, and peers who share my interest in the child welfare field. Monthly meetings help me connect coursework to my experiences in the field, and allow me to learn from others how things are done in other counties. The camaraderie and support provided to me from this group has been invaluable thus far in my Concentration year.
  7. Time to Choose a Concentration – As a two-year full-time student, I appreciated the opportunity to explore both Macro and Direct practice during the initial year of study, before determining my concentration. I will be leaving the School of Social Work as a much more well-rounded professional for having the time to learn about both perspectives from experts in the field.
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