Balancing Field Placement, Class, and LIFE

The transition to 2nd year has been very trying, but also rewarding for me thus far. This school year began with a bang and has taken off so quickly. I never expected to experience so many challenging issues on my first week of field! My first few weeks have been very gratifying, eye-opening, and intense. They both solidified my thoughts and experiences of public schools and confirmed the need for social intervention and policy change. The following are some of the things I have done that I believe can be helpful to others…whether you’re still in the application process or beginning your first year.

  • Inform your field instructor of your assignments. It is important to share your syllabi because class work will likely coincide with field.
  • Stay ahead of the game with assignments and readings. Compared to my first year, this year has been much more intense. With field taking up a large portion of my week, in addition to my paid jobs outside of field, I have to be very strategic in planning and scheduling in time to study…more so than last year.
  • Take initiative with forming relationships and networking with other professionals at your placement. Interacting with people other than your instructor will give you opportunities to get involved and learn more about others areas than may not be specific to your placement.
  • Be vocal about what you would like to learn/achieve in field. For example, I was surprised to learn that my position was a bit more macro than expected. Since I ultimately want to focus on direct practice, I let me instructor know and she immediately put me in touch with ways to get more direct practice experience.
  • Don’t forget about YOU. Remember to take time out for family and self-care. It is important to value the experience and reflect on how you are actively changing the lives of the individuals you are working with. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Here’s a little inspiration from my field placement to yours… 🙂



About brittany92827

Hello everyone! I am a final year DE student with a concentration in Direct Practice. My main interests include mental illness & children, advocacy within minority populations, and rural NC. After graduation, I strive to become a LCSW and work directly with children in a mental health setting. I hope you all find my words insightful and helpful in some way!
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