Resume updating time: A trip down memory lane

We have hit the half way mark…of our fall semester. Talks of preparing our resumes have already begun. The School of Social Work hosted a resume writing workshop just a couple weeks ago. I was able to attend last year and thought it was a very useful workshop. It is comforting to know that you are not alone in tackling your resume because there are many resources on campus to help you polish it. This year, I am meeting with the career development services at the School of Public Health to review my resume. As I prepare to apply for potential field placement, it is helpful having an experienced person review it.

Updating my resume has reminded me how grateful I am for taking time in between undergraduate and graduate school. I definitely recommend getting some experience under your belt before returning to school. Whether that is through volunteering or paid experience, you will be appreciative of the time you spent in the field. It allows you to bring real world experiences into your classroom discussions and also makes you feel more marketable after you graduate. Once in the program, you will add the skills gained at your field placements to your already impressive resume.

Before returning to school, I completed a year with an AmeriCorps program. This was the impactful experience that led me to the public health social work path. I was able to gain valuable skills and also landed a job at my service site after I completed the program. It was a trip down memory lane as I edited (and re-edited) my resume. Sometimes I forget what I have accomplished thus far, but my resume was a friendly reminder of what inspired me to go on this graduate school journey. I encourage you to seek out opportunities that nurture your growth in this field, keep your resume updated, and appreciate how/what got you to this point 🙂

Check out some pictures from my AmeriCorps year:


I served on a SIDS education program during my AmeriCorps year. I got to set up this example of a safe sleep environment during each of our information sessions.

These cribs & safe sleep information aren't going to deliver themselves :)

These cribs (& safe sleep information) aren’t going to deliver themselves 🙂


We did additional volunteering outside our service sites. Here I am greeting people at the “Give Kids Sight Day” in Philadelphia.

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