So…the NC State Fair is a staple for many Carolina natives as well as out-of-state visitors.  Whether it’s the Village of Yesteryear where you can enjoy home-made and unique arts and crafts, the excellent unhealthy and greasy foods that make some forget all about any notion of a diet, or the livestock and exhibits, there are SO many different activities to enjoy at the fair.  For my family, we enjoy the RIDES.  This year was a different experience for me compared to all previous ventures.  For the first time EVER, I realized that I am getting a bit too old for back to back rides.  For the first time, I was unable to “hang” with the kids.

I took my younger sister to the fair last Thursday on Preview Day.  The reason for this was a cheaper price for the rides. Wristbands were only $28, and since she is a huge fair-goer and avid dare devil, I figured I should get the most bang for my buck.  It should be known, that my partner does not participate in rides due to a horrifying experience as a youngster.  As a result, I have not rode any rides at the State Fair in the past 5 years. In addition, on this particular day I happened to have a very light lunch…so I was quite hungry once we got the fair.  And my sister was eager to dive right in on the high intensity rides. Furthermore, the fair was not packed and the lines were not long (normally a good thing).  We were able to ride back to back rides. Could I have stopped her at any minute? Yes. Did I? No. I wanted to hang in there and deny my hunger, age, and nausea.

Needless to say there was a breaking point and I finally had to give in.  On one hand, I was embarrassed to even have to request a break.  On the other hand, I disappointed myself and realized that my experiences at the fair have took a turn and changed from the years of my childhood.  On a good note, this was an excellent bonding experience for the both of us.  I was able to take a break from everything school related, and she was also able to try the new addition to this year’s fair: The Deep Fried S’more!  I stuck to candy apples 🙂



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Hello everyone! I am a final year DE student with a concentration in Direct Practice. My main interests include mental illness & children, advocacy within minority populations, and rural NC. After graduation, I strive to become a LCSW and work directly with children in a mental health setting. I hope you all find my words insightful and helpful in some way!
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