Highlights of Fall Semester

With just a few short weeks to go until the end of fall semester, now seems as good a time as ever to reflect on the best parts of my second-to-last semester at the School of Social Work. So here are my highlights:

  • My field placement at Orange County DSS
    • For my Concentration year placement, my only request was to be as far out of my comfort zone as possible. Enter, Child Protective Services Investigations unit. Interning with this team and agency has certainly challenged me, but has done so in a way that I still feel comfortable, and am able to learn. I’m gaining more independence as an intern, which allows me to collaborate and be more vocal when it comes to clients and cases. Best of all, I’m still excited to get to the agency and see what the day will bring each week!
    • IMG_5554

      They were so welcoming!

  • Getting accepted as Research Assistant
    • This semester I was accepted to be a Research Assistant and work on a project with Dr. Gary Bowen. We will be looking at secondary prevention as it applies to Air Force couples who are at high risk for experiencing interpersonal violence. This is a new area of interest for me, and I have a lot to learn from Dr. Bowen and his team. I can’t wait to really jump into this project next semester!
  • Adding a new four-legged friend to the family (Otis!)IMG_6331
  • The Child Welfare Educational Collaborative
    • The Collaborative provided me with the opportunity to connect and bond with a small group of peers who shared my interest in child welfare. We all had class together every Monday night, in addition to monthly meetings at lunch, a mock trial event with the law school, and several opportunities to attend lectures from outside speakers.
  • Running my third half-marathon!


  • My field instructor
    • Amy Levine has worn many hats for me this semester: field instructor, professor, advisor, advocate, and provider of candy 🙂 Her support both in the classroom and in my field placement has been invaluable this semester – thanks Amy!
  • A weekend trip to the mountains with School of Social Work friendsIMG_5585
  • Being an ambassador
    • I have really enjoyed connecting with prospective students, and getting the opportunity to answer the same questions I had just a short while ago – it truly makes me feel that I’ve come full circle. Getting to know the new cohort of students has been great as well, and means that there are even more friendly faces around the School than usual!
  • Having family & friends visit Chapel Hill
    • Now that I’m more settled in North Carolina, I love hosting friends and family, and showing off my new home! My tour guide skills improve with every visit, and I have really enjoyed sharing sporting events, meals, and time with out-of-town visitors.
    • IMG_4876

      It’s not hard to show this place off!

  • Taking the Black and Blue tour of UNC’s campus
    • This special tour provides racial context for the university’s history. The experience was invaluable, and I would highly recommend it to anyone!
  • Being just one more semester away from my MSW!
    1. IMG_4859

      Can’t believe I’ll be starting my last semester here soon!

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