Late Night with Roy

Despite my love for Carolina, I was born and raised a Duke Blue Devil. If you aren’t from North Carolina, or just not into sports, you may not understand the importance of this statement. Think of the one person you dislike more than anyone in the world. Though you live pretty close to each other, you’re in college and you both like the color blue….none of that matters because you absolutely despise each other. Now, imagine that you are Duke and they are UNC. There, got it? Okay…

So now you might understand that this has made the Fall Semester pretty difficult for me, with all of the Carolina blue walking around during football season. However, I have to admit that it has become pretty difficult not to be swayed over to the light blue side of life. Not only are the academics amazing, the faculty supportive, and my colleagues all incredible people, UNC is just a genuinely wonderful place to be full of interesting and caring people. I saw this in full effect at the Late Night with Roy event back in October.

To kick off the start of basketball season, UNC hosts a free event called Late Night with Roy, where people from all over the community and campus come together to watch the first scrimmage of the men’s basketball team….at least that is what I thought. I ended up in only a few hours being able to watch performances and skits from student groups all throughout campus, including dance teams, A capella groups, and improv groups. All of these groups added a twist- each group included a few of the men’s basketball players in their performance! There were also dedications made to important members of the UNC community past and present, and donations given to important local organizations doing positive work in the community.

Overall, it was a fun time that really helped paint a picture of who the UNC community is, and what they are capable of doing- far more than providing major basketball entertainment and life-long rivalries. Though I am a graduate student, UNC continues to provide me with opportunities to feel like a part of the UNC family. It’s going to be hard to watch the UNC v. Duke games this upcoming season!

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