Extracurricular Activities

Graduate school at UNC School of Social Work (SSW) is a time consuming and challenging experience. Often times I am asked if there is time to get involved with some of the many magnificent activities at the SSW. The answer is yes. Individuals admitted to UNC SSW are some of the brightest, most motivated, and organized students in the country. Many of us are involved in many extracurricular activities and even hold leadership positions in a variety of groups. I serve the school as the NASW Student Liaison, UNC SSW Student Ambassador, and the Social Work Student Organization (SoWoSO) NASW Liaison. Additionally I have been able to develop, organize, and manage several service projects since coming here. The biggest challenge is deciding which activities to get involved with and preventing over commitment. Below are some examples of extracurricular activities within the SSW and a link to their corresponding website.

These are just a few of the many opportunities to get involved in the SSW. Campus wide there are also hundreds of other opportunities to get involved. UNC is not school where you’ll want to just go to class and then go home. UNC SSW is much more than just a school, it is a community where people come together to serve the school and the surrounding area. Even more it is a place where you connect with people you’ll be connected to for a long time. If this sounds like a place that fits who you are please apply. From my experience here I can honestly state that I doubt you’ll regret the decision to come to UNC SSW.

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