The Final Countdown

It’s official: only 114 days left until I graduate with my MSW (but who’s counting :)). Spring semester classes began on Monday, and with that the countdown was instantly in effect. This semester I’m taking Differential Diagnosis (effectively a crash-course to the DSM 5), Research (where I will write my Master’s thesis –eek!), Child Welfare Policy, and Social Workers at the Intersection of Mental Health & Criminal Justice (what a mouthful!). I’m really looking forward to diving into the heart of these electives, and as daunting as writing my thesis may feel, I swear I can see the light at the end of the tunnel already.

My last winter break was half-productive, and half-doing-as-little-as-possible (I mean, self-care). The month or so we are given away from school is a great opportunity to get ahead on field hours. I did this by spending an extra week at my agency, and also by taking two agency-sponsored, online trainings from home. Working ahead on my hours will allow me more flexibility this spring, as I schedule job interviews, or want to allow myself some extra time to dedicate to exams and papers. We’re permitted to finish our field placement as early as April 1st, which would give any overachievers about a month off from their internship responsibilities before graduation.

I also had time to travel home to see friends and family. I read books that weren’t textbooks, and attempted to teach myself calligraphy. I edited my resume, and started looking into post-graduation job options. I sweated out my first hot yoga class, sewed a baby quilt for a friend, and learned to bake some pretty fantastic scones. I also got to travel to Oklahoma for the first time for a friend’s wedding. All that to say, I had a great break, and came back to campus both recharged and reorganized to make my last semester as wonderful, and smooth as possible. Let’s hope that feeling lasts!


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