Take a Deep Breath and Relax

The application deadline has past and now you anticipate a response from one of the best schools of social work in the country. Two years ago I was in the same position as you are now. Anxiety, self-doubt, apprehension, indecision, GRE scores, personal statement, and a plethora of other thoughts and emotions flooded my body and mind everyday. There was nothing I wanted more at that point in my life than to be accepted to this wonderful school.


I was going crazy waiting for a response! (This is really my son being silly)


Fortunately I had a wonderful support network who gave me sound advice; take a deep breath and relax, you have done everything you are supposed to do, and it is out of your hands now. These few phrases were exactly what I needed to hear and they helped alleviate some of the stress I was putting on myself, which is why I share them with you today. Hopefully you too can find some solace from these words.

The hardest part is over but there will be some things you’ll need to do once you get your acceptance letter from UNC.

What’s next after you get accepted? 

What to Do Immediately

What to Do Before Arriving on Campus

What to Do After Arriving on Campus

If you are decided about attending UNC you may want to:

Attend an Information Session 

Schedule a Campus Tour

Message a Student Ambassador at the School of Social Work


Attend Welcome Weekend! (invitations to be sent out in approx. two weeks)

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