Staying Organized

Staying organized is the only way I have survived graduate school. With less than two months to go, it seems that I’m finally allowed to feel confident about this (and that I will, in fact, survive).

These days my life feels like one big to-do list. I never go anywhere without my planner (but that’s nothing new!). On the first day of each class, I write in deadlines, assignments, and due dates so that I can hit the ground running. The mid-point and end of the semester tend to be the busiest, so it’s important to take advantage of any lulls during the rest of the semester. Working ahead and being proactive in this way has been an absolute lifesaver, and has made fitting in self-care that much easier.

Weekly girls nights, long dog walks, squeezing in workouts whenever I can, and reading books for fun have kept me sane over the last two years. Scheduling in time for these activities, just as I schedule classes and study groups, has made it possible to maintain these enjoyable endeavors even during the most stressful times.

Carrying textbooks and the odd homework assignment with me at all times has allowed me to be productive during an extra-long wait at the DMV, as well as lunch breaks. The less homework I have to actually do at home, the better! This has also allowed me to make the most of breaks (like now, on Spring Break!) and spend them doing enjoyable things, rather than catching up on schoolwork or field hours.


Self-care feels easy when there are puppies on campus!

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