New Adventures

Being an Advanced Standing student, one becomes accustomed to a fast-paced lifestyle. Just three months ago, I received my Bachelors in Social Work. Five days later, I began my Masters at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Three weeks after that, I began my job at Caring Services, Inc. In a month’s time, I went from my comfortable identity as an undergraduate student with a relaxed job at a halfway house to a graduate student in a competitive program with a high stress job coordinating a brand new program.

Change has not historically been easy for me, even when it is change that I desired and worked hard for. Graduate school proved to be challenging and pushed me to become a much better critical writer in a short period of time. Simultaneously, I was “faking it until I made it” in my new position at work. Fear plagued me often over the summer. The times the fear was strongest during the moments I sat in front of a blank document or spreadsheet. I have never created a questionnaire before. Nor have I tracked data, or written a press release. Never have I had to be so careful to format everything perfectly.

I did what I have learned to do as a person, a student, and an employee. I just kept moving. I asked for help and I wrote, despite my fears. The work got done. The papers were written. I have become comfortable in my new roles. I am grateful to begin new chapters in my life and to have the opportunity to grow as a social worker, despite how frightening it can be.

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