My PrimeCare Field Experience

Before I started UNC’s MSW program, I was interested in medical social work. My field placement for my foundation year was with the Nicotine Dependence Program’s inpatient program at UNC Hospitals. That experience introduced me to integrated healthcare. Through this model, people receive behavioral health services in medical settings, such as hospitals and primary care facilities. Since I was accepted into UNC’s PrimeCare program, I was able to explore integrated health field placements and ultimately chose UNC Family Medicine’s Care Management Program as my desired field placement for my concentration year!

My first couple of weeks at UNC Family Medicine have been jam packed with so many opportunities to shadow, go on home visits with one of the providers, and work with so many other healthcare professionals. At first, it was intimidating to approach some of the medical staff because they are all really busy and do not have that much free time, but everyone at Family Medicine is so welcoming and really enjoys having social work interns there! One highlight of last week was working with the first year medical residents during a workshop about suicide, depression, and anxiety. All of the social work interns worked in groups with the medical residents to work through case studies. Overall, it was a really great experience that showed how we can all work together to provide the best care for our patients!

I’m very excited about the upcoming school year and the many opportunities I will have at UNC Family Medicine! If you have an interest in integrated healthcare, reach out to me with any questions! I’d be happy to help!

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