The Cohort Effect- Earning an MSW with the Triangle DE Program

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. “- Helen Keller

When I started the DE program last year, I wasn’t sure how I would adapt to working a full time job in addition to attending a full day of classes every Friday. When was I going to get assignments done? When was I going to do readings? Actually…when was I even going to make dinner?  A lot of worry came to me during those first few weeks of this new work/school balance.  The first thing I could do to feel better about my situation was put everything in my calendar, color code everything, and pace assignments and due dates ahead of time. I thought to myself, “surely this organization will help me keep my life together”.

But staying organized and proactive will only get you so far. What helped me get through that first year more than anything was being a part of a diverse cohort all sharing this experience with me. Here we are, all in the same classes each Friday (last year and this year) coming together after a week of hard work at our jobs, to coalescence and work towards something bigger.  Throughout the first year we celebrated birthdays, engagements, upcoming weddings, and even a birth! We also took care of one another through some pretty tough adversities and challenges. Our cohort has become its own little community, and I think of us as an endearing, unique little family.


20 of the 25 DE class of 2018 cohort with two of our incredible professors 🙂

So whether you’ll be enrolled in the full time program or the part time program, just be sure that you have the chance to build relationships with your social work colleagues. These folks are a part of your community, and a part of your system of support. Reach out when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and know that you and your classmates will get through each semester…together!

love ya’ll!

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