Different Hats

I remember going to a UNC School of Social Work information session almost exactly two years ago, and Travis Albright talking about the many different hats an MSW allowed one to wear. Its one of the reasons I find social work so exciting and challenging and rewarding. In my placement at the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities I get an opportunity to wear many hats- researcher, interviewer, case manager, therapist, group facilitator, planner and intern. Today I put on a few extra.

The day started with our Preschool Age Clinic Team, where we observe and help families of preschoolers with special needs. We help diagnose the child (or give a second or third opinion in some cases) and set the family up with resources to better help them on their journey. Along with one of the psychology interns, I interviewed the mother of a young boy who was looking for a diagnosis. While later discussing the case with other interns, one intern began having an allergic reaction to a vaccine she had gotten earlier in the day. So with that I became chauffeur to make sure she was ably to safely make it to the drugstore. Later in the day, while the psychologists were talking to the child’s mom, I babysat the little boy. Finally I ended the day in a meeting discussing a sex ed group I’ll be helping to run for adolescents with developmental disabilities.

It was a full day, and full of unexpected turns. But days like this are why I got into social work to begin with- to be of service in someway. And sometimes to be best of service you have to do a quick hat trick to make it all happen.


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