Mid Term

It’s that time of year again. The time when the weather is beautiful and yet I’m stuck inside with mid term homework. Finally feeling comfortable in my field placement at the Carolina Institute of Developmental Disabilities, I’ve been taking on more case work, which also includes the never ending case notes. Between case notes, homework, reading copious books for Differential Diagnosis (an amazing class, but a lot of work), my job outside of school and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, it feels like a lot of balls in the air. Luckily, UNC SSW is incredibly supportive and I feel like all of my teachers are really pulling for me to succeed and in my corner.

It being mid term means that it’s also time to start thinking about my next and last semester. How did we get here already! I feel like I’m just getting used to my current schedule and being back in school and now it’s getting to be the time to wrap things up. It is exciting to start looking forward to next semester’s classes. I’ll be taking disability policy, group work, behavioral interventions with children, and a research class. All of these will be so helpful with my field placement.

On a totally unrelated but happy note, I finally got a badge holder for my placement badge. It pins to my clothes and has a long pull out to make holding my badge up to badge readers super easy. It’s the little things!


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