Learning and Growing

I have just completed week two of classes for the first semester and I can’t believe it. Time truly does fly. I look around at fellow classmates and feel full and amazed that I have had the opportunity to learn from such brilliant minds. We are all in the process of figuring out next steps which is both exciting and scary!

As a dual degree student, I will be completing my field practicum this upcoming summer. My prospective field practicum site is the UNC Center for Health Equity Research. I couldn’t be more excited! I am a strong advocate of health equity as it impacts so many facets of individuals’ lives. I truly hope to integrate my passions for social work and public health into this placement and gain additional skills and experience.

Aside from pondering future plans and completing course work, I truly believe that I have grown and matured a great deal in the last year and a half. I have gained valuable friendships, learned more about what it truly means to be a social worker (specifically advocating with populations), as well as realizing that I can in fact combine my passions and do everything that I desire to.

My New Year resolution is to be more intentional. Intentional with time, energy, space, and actions. I believe that I am off to a good start! I’ve been meditating using the Headspace app (highly recommend), and taking time out of each day to reflect on my goals and actions to ensure that most, if not everything that I do is in some way connected to my goals. Furthermore along with being intentional, giving others space to grow and learn as I have is another goal. Specifically, as it relates to social justice, I find myself easily frustrated with individuals who do not understand. I realized that I have to take a take step back and realize that I wasn’t always aware of things as I currently am. I realized that giving people space to grow but ALSO holding them accountable is a challenging, yet necessary balance that must be achieved.


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