Crunch Time

It’s the time of year most people dread, especially people graduating in May. Not only is life ridiculously busy, the question of “What are you doing after you graduate?” comes up almost daily. Second semester of second year brings some amazing things with it. I’m treated like a full fledged Social Worker at my field placement. I have a lot more confidence in my Social Work skills and knowledge. I don’t even mind the research class. But you know what comes with being a full fledged Social Worker? Full fledged paperwork. And research class? Full fledged research project. It’s a lot. It’s all stuff I am really enjoying…but it’s a lot. And you know what’s really hard to do when you’re crazy busy? Job hunt. So between my inner monologue that is on “what about after?” repeat, and the people around me asking it out loud, it feels like it’s just one more layer. So world out there, I’m looking for a job with people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Just putting it out there!

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