Pace Yourself

In my “Implementing Evidence-Informed Practice” course, we were assigned readings pertaining to mindfulness and acceptance. The timing seemed perfect seeing that I just participated in a ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) conference in Charlotte through my field placement. The professor for this course collaborated with us (the students) and planned a field trip. We spent the class time at The Children’s Home, in Winston-Salem, and we were able to have class in their grass area near their farm. It was the perfect day and weather to intentionally practice mindfulness exercises. We engaged in partner activities, group activities, and discussed readings. I’m sure it will be a class that I won’t forget.

The term mindfulness has stuck with me since I started reading about it this semester. Society teaches us to move at such a fast pace and look forward to the future, that we often forget to be mindful of what’s going on in the moment. And on the reverse side, sometimes we get caught up in past experiences or mistakes. While participating in mindful activities that day, I intentionally focused on how the wind felt against my cheeks, how the sun rays gleamed on the left side of my face, and how the grass crunched under my feet as I walked. It was so peaceful and relaxing. Mindfulness is spoken about more and more within our profession and I feel that it is essential that we take part in it as growing professionals.
So pace yourself! It is okay to make mistakes and feel emotional at times. We are human and feelings are apart of our identity. Embrace yourself, your mistakes, positive and negative feelings…and every now and then…pause to be mindful in the moment!


About markelaunc

Hello everyone!! I was born in Wilson, NC and currently live in the Winston-Salem area. While working in a mental health day treatment program for four years, my eyes were opened to the field of social work. I am currently in the 2nd year Winston-Salem Distance Education cohort. My interest include children and families, mental health, and integrated healthcare. I enjoy traveling, singing (at church), and going to the gym.
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