Enjoy the beauty outside TTK’s walls

For February being the coldest month of the year, this certainly has been a mild one. I look look at theIMG_1385.JPG early-blossoming flowering trees, and I can only think of what a beautiful place is Chapel Hill. Springtime is showing us its first palette of colors under a blue sky, and I suddenly become aware of the charm surrounding me. I will miss this place, but I have enjoyed it as much as I can. The walks between school buildings, reading under the shade of flowering trees, coffee dates with friends, group projects in a sunny day, and admiring the stars in the night after evening classes.

As you dear reader prepare to apply, enroll or start the MSW program, know that there is much to see and learn outside Tate-Turner-Kuralt building’s walls. Yes, be prepared for a packed schedule with a plethora of assignments that will keep you undeniably busy, but do not miss the beauty of each season in this place. Take your computer, your readings, the notebooks, your pencil case, your lunch, the headphones, the umbrella, and even another fellow social worker and explore the world outside the School of Social Work. Take more walks, cross more streets, breathe the clean air, find new spots to study outside, and even take a power nap – no one will judge. I have loved the hot days and the cold ones, the rainy afternoons, and the starry nights. Don’t miss it. Admiring, enjoying and delighting in the nature surrounding us are part of the graduate studies experience. And it will certainly contribute to practicing self-care, a term that you will become very acquainted with! So prepare yourself to grow in knowledge and skills, but also prepare yourself to be enchanted by the beauty outside TTK’s walls.

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