Transition into the FINAL YEAR!

Looking back on the last two years and it feels like time flew by. I’ve learned so much and have grown professionally as well in my personal life. To complete my final year in the Winston-Salem Distance Education(DE) program, I have classes on Mondays and Tuesdays in Chapel Hill. I thought that I would be nervous but I am beyond excited!

I feel that it is time for a change of scenery and there is an indescribable feeling that you get while walking on campus. This campus is beautiful by the way! I’ve always wanted to be a Tarheel and had no clue that this opportunity would come about during my graduate career. Thanks to the awesome faculty of this MSW program, my transition has been smooth. My previous academic advisor (from the Winston-Salem DE program) took the time to introduce me to my new academic advisor on campus. I was able to meet on campus professors along with faculty members that assist with student affairs and financial aid. The graduate students that have spent time on campus are so welcoming and willing to give advice, tours, and suggest great places to eat.

For the most part, I’ve mastered parking and catching the bus which helped decrease my anxiety. Now it’s time to catch up with my old cohort while meeting and mingling with students from the full-time and Triangle distance program. We will all walk across the stage together in few months.

Let the countdown begin!


About markelaunc

Hello everyone!! I was born in Wilson, NC and currently live in the Winston-Salem area. While working in a mental health day treatment program for four years, my eyes were opened to the field of social work. I am currently in the 2nd year Winston-Salem Distance Education cohort. My interest include children and families, mental health, and integrated healthcare. I enjoy traveling, singing (at church), and going to the gym.
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