Working Together… is Awesome!

This semester I decided to try something new! I am taking a class OUTSIDE of the school of social work! That’s right, I had to find a new building on campus (both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience.) My field placement this year is at a Duke medical clinic and since I am interested in working in health care, many wise faculty members suggested I take a class in the medical world. As a result, I found myself signing up for a nursing class called “Population Health; an Interdisciplinary Experience.” And let me tell you, this is currently my favorite class.

The class meets on Tuesday nights (before you say anything, they feed us dinner!) And it is an interdisciplinary class which means that there are students from dental, speech, medical, physician’s assistant (PA), social work, occupational therapy (OT), nursing, and pharmacy schools! As you can imagine it is a huge class so we are all broken up into groups containing one member of each discipline. Each class we are given a case study and are asked to highlight what our profession would prioritize, and then we discuss what course of action would be best for the patient.

For a social worker hoping to work in health care, this class is modeling the ideal medical setting in which the patient is really the focus and there are multiple disciplines looking holistically at the patient. Hopefully this will be the direction that health care systems are moving toward but this class gives me hope and as I’m sure you can tell, I’m super excited!

Interdisciplinary medicine is the model of the future and I can tell you from experience, working together is awesome!!


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Specialization year student (2nd year) at the UNC school of social work! I am a primecare student (a student working in an integrated primary care setting) and am interested in health care and school social work!
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