I <3 Self Care

So it’s November 11, there’s less than one month left in the semester, and I have 8 big assignments due before then, 5 of them papers. The weather has finally turned appropriate for November and I finally turned the heat on for the first time. The leaves are gorgeous, the sun is out, and I am inside, writing a paper. This is the reality of graduate school, I spend a lot of my Saturday’s inside reading, writing, and working. My Saturdays are (usually) devoted to school work so that on Sundays I can focus on the best two words I have learned in graduate school: Self Care. Self care, something impressed upon me in virtually every single class in social work school, is an amazing opportunity to give yourself a break, watch some netflix, hang out with friends, or in my case, take a hike, all in the name of good ol’ R and R.

Fast forward to Sunday, my computer had a nice chance to gather some dust (except for writing this blog post,) because I was no where near it! I was with my partner and our pup on top of a mountain! The leaves were gorgeous, the weather crisp, and the fresh air greatly needed. While I still have to finish and edit my paper before it’s due tomorrow, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle this assignment, and the end of the semester.

If there’s one lesson I have learned in graduate school that I would impart upon you, and anyone else I meet, it is the importance of self care. Take time to take care of yourself, as this inspirational quote says, “Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.”-Etty Hillesum. And as they say in social work, if you want to help others, you must help yourself first.

Have a great week y’all! Do some self care, and enjoy this photo of Phoebe on a mountain.



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Specialization year student (2nd year) at the UNC school of social work! I am a primecare student (a student working in an integrated primary care setting) and am interested in health care and school social work!
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