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Hello everyone!! I was born in Wilson, NC and currently live in the Winston-Salem area. While working in a mental health day treatment program for four years, my eyes were opened to the field of social work. I am currently in the 2nd year Winston-Salem Distance Education cohort. My interest include children and families, mental health, and integrated healthcare. I enjoy traveling, singing (at church), and going to the gym.

The Messy Truth Challenges Perspectives

       <– GREAT & EASY READ!! Typically, I avoid anything related to politics. I am pretty sure I would not have picked up this book on my own so I am glad that it was a required reading for one … Continue reading

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One Day at a Time

Social work experiences and life have taught me that no one has this “thing” figured out. When I say “thing” I am referring to life. A few things come to mind when I think of life and daily experiences. I … Continue reading

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Perfect Attendance

My MSW journey began in the Winston-Salem Distance Education (DE) Program. During the first two years in Winston-Salem, we have classes scheduled all day on Friday. I was excited about being in a learning environment again. I had perfect attendance … Continue reading

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Count the Cost

There were so many financial decisions that I had to consider while applying for graduate school. At the time I was working and fully supporting myself in my one bedroom apartment. I knew that I would not be able to … Continue reading

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Integrated Healthcare

I just completed the month and a half of my concentration field placement. Being a part of the Primecare Program requires a placement in an integrated healthcare setting and I have the great opportunity to gain experience at the Tim … Continue reading

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Transition into the FINAL YEAR!

Looking back on the last two years and it feels like time flew by. I’ve learned so much and have grown professionally as well in my personal life. To complete my final year in the Winston-Salem Distance Education(DE) program, I … Continue reading

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Service Trip 2017

I had the privilege of traveling to Columbia, NC, Tyrrell County with another young lady from my cohort, 17 graduate students from different disciplines, and four staff. I saw this Inter-professional Service Learning with Vulnerable Populations course as an opportunity to … Continue reading

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