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The New Kid on the Block

After two years of taking courses in the Forsyth County DSS building, the thought of transitioning to UNC’s campus was initially a bit intimidating. “Where do I park?”, “how will I find the right buildings?” and “will students be kind … Continue reading

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Branching Off

I absolutely love working with older adults; I’ve worked with the stated population for nearly fifteen years (yes, I began when I was only five years old…). I love serving and advocating for older adults, as they are the very … Continue reading

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It’s so hard to say goodbye.

With just a few more weeks until the end of spring semester I am filled with torn emotions; relieved to have “survived” another semester, but also saddened that the journey with my Winston-Salem Distance Education cohort will soon come to … Continue reading

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A New Passion for Cultural Competency Training

Last month I attended a Clinical Lecture Series hosted by UNC School of Social Work/Northwest AHEC. The speaker was Bonita Porter, MSW, LCSW and the title of her presentation was, “Cultural Competency & Ethical Decision-Making”. Walking in, I considered myself … Continue reading

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When Life Happens…

UNC School of Social Work is a very comprehensive and scrupulous academic program that purposes to prepare its students to be leaders in the field of social work. Without a purposeful balance, it is easy to dedicate the vast majority … Continue reading

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It is the critical time for my cohort in which we are tasked with declaring our concentration. The two choices are “Direct Practice” or “Community, Management & Policy Practice(CMPP)”; CMPP is often referred to as “Macro”. My aspirations when I … Continue reading

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Tears on Aisle 3…

One evening on my way home from field placement I stopped at a local grocery store to get some much needed coffee in preparation for a night of studying. Well, while shopping I noticed that a lady just kept following … Continue reading

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