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Finding Direction in Social Work

There are a lot of reasons to appreciate Social Work as a field, a lot of doors through which people enter the field, and a lot of paths people take once they are in it. If you want a clear, … Continue reading

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As many of you reading this are aware, application deadlines are coming up! (If you didn’t know, but need to know, check it out here: … Jan 9) Based on my own experience and the experiences of friends, and judging … Continue reading

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Seeing the Forest for the Trees

For the past few months, I have been wrapped up in my own life- my own social work-y, professional life, that is. “My contribution will be greatest if I use and hone my strengths,” has been the mantra. For this … Continue reading

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Wanderlusting in NC

Last week I got that feeling. You know that one. When you’re on the sidewalk and the trees rustle and then the wind hits you. After a full summer of heat and humidity, you are braced for a mix of … Continue reading

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Kicking the Can Down the Road

Fall semester 2017 is decidedly underway. It’s hot, I’m ordering textbooks, there are a bajillion more humans on campus than there were 3 weeks ago, and I find myself uncoordinated and floating about with  general confusion until a new routine … Continue reading

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