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Specialization year student (2nd year) at the UNC school of social work! I am a primecare student (a student working in an integrated primary care setting) and am interested in health care and school social work!

Perks of Being a Tarheel

Three weeks ago I had the ultimate pleasure of seeing Alvin Ailey for $10. No, you did not hear me wrong. AND I brought my fiance with me, for $10 as well! (And he’s not a student!) How did I … Continue reading

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Choosing a Field Placement; an Exercise in Flexibility

This time last year I was getting very excited about choosing a field placement for my concentration year. In the first year of the full time program, the field office assigns you a field placement (with some input on your … Continue reading

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I <3 Self Care

So it’s November 11, there’s less than one month left in the semester, and I have 8 big assignments due before then, 5 of them papers. The weather has finally turned appropriate for November and I finally turned the heat … Continue reading

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Opportunities Abound!

This year, my field placement is at Duke Movement Disorders Clinic. At the clinic we see patients who have Parkinson’s Disease and Huntington’s Disease. Mental health conditions often occur as a result of these illnesses (especially depression and anxiety).  To … Continue reading

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Working Together… is Awesome!

This semester I decided to try something new! I am taking a class OUTSIDE of the school of social work! That’s right, I had to find a new building on campus (both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience.) My field placement … Continue reading

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