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Accomplishments in Field

Field education constantly tests your limits, stretches your skills, and puts you in settings where you can learn about yourself as well as about how different agencies work. One of the biggest projects I completed this semester at my field … Continue reading

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Getting Around Town

Our most recent winter storm reminded me of the first time I faced North Carolina in the snow. I was back in Maryland for a visit when a snow storm hit the east coast and dusted the region with 3-4 … Continue reading

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Choosing a Field Placement; an Exercise in Flexibility

This time last year I was getting very excited about choosing a field placement for my concentration year. In the first year of the full time program, the field office assigns you a field placement (with some input on your … Continue reading

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Opportunities Abound!

This year, my field placement is at Duke Movement Disorders Clinic. At the clinic we see patients who have Parkinson’s Disease and Huntington’s Disease. Mental health conditions often occur as a result of these illnesses (especially depression and anxiety).  To … Continue reading

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Tears on Aisle 3…

One evening on my way home from field placement I stopped at a local grocery store to get some much needed coffee in preparation for a night of studying. Well, while shopping I noticed that a lady just kept following … Continue reading

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Integrated Healthcare

I just completed the month and a half of my concentration field placement. Being a part of the Primecare Program requires a placement in an integrated healthcare setting and I have the great opportunity to gain experience at the Tim … Continue reading

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Around the Corner

With graduation just around the corner, it is pleasant to look back on the past few years and realize just how much knowledge and skill-building has occurred. Over this time, it has been possible to become proficient in diagnosing, conceptualizing, and formulating cases, … Continue reading

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