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Red Flags on Interviews

I’ve never been completely comfortable on job interviews, but I’m even more nervous now that I’m a social worker. Now that I have professional goals and a clearer picture of what I’m looking for in a field placement (and pretty … Continue reading

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Advocating for Yourself

Social work is all about advocating for social justice and equality, regardless of if you’re working at a macro or micro level. However, self-advocacy is just as important—and can sometimes be a more difficult skill to hone. As social workers, … Continue reading

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What I Wish I’d Known

Last Friday, I was on the student panel for an information session for prospective students. One of the students asked us what we wish we had known before starting the UNC MSW program. I’ve been thinking about that and trying … Continue reading

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Let’s Start Talking About Imposter Syndrome

I heard about imposter syndrome a lot when I was beginning grad school. Everyone was feeling it. Grad school can be intense, and it’s easy to fall into thinking that you’re not smart enough or good enough to be there, … Continue reading

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UNC SSW alumnae all over town!

Recently I was talking with one of the therapists at my field placement about why she chose UNC School of Social Work for graduate school.  UNC SSW grads can be found all over the organization where I’m interning – and … Continue reading

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Wearing My Intern Hat

This week marks one month in my generalist field placement. Unlike many of my classmates, I haven’t spent these past four weeks learning my way around a new agency…because I’m interning with my employer!  My path to the Triangle Distance … Continue reading

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Your UNC MSW will open a world of possibilities

At the UNC School of Social Work, a variety of placements are available to students no matter their interests, or what they think are their interests. If you’re interested in an MSW, chances are you know that social work is … Continue reading

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