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What am I doing?

Grad school is hard. Between classes, work and field, it’s easy to feel overstretched. There are days when I come home and ask myself, “Is this worth it? Should I have come back to grad school? What in the world … Continue reading

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Seeing the Forest for the Trees

For the past few months, I have been wrapped up in my own life- my own social work-y, professional life, that is. “My contribution will be greatest if I use and hone my strengths,” has been the mantra. For this … Continue reading

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Scarier than Halloween….

As October rolls around, it can only mean one thing. Papers. Now that I’m in my second year of graduate school, fall does not bring associations of pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking or leaves changing color. Instead it brings the … Continue reading

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Learning to Elevate Voices

My first year at the UNC School of Social Work provided one of the most formative moments in my professional and personal development. I am still in awe that it happened! I was able to rediscover my passion for class … Continue reading

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Working Together… is Awesome!

This semester I decided to try something new! I am taking a class OUTSIDE of the school of social work! That’s right, I had to find a new building on campus (both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience.) My field placement … Continue reading

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Never too old…

There are two words that no student is ever too old to get excited over, those words are: “FIELD TRIP!” I can clearly recall the day I reviewed the syllabus for the course Confronting Oppression and Institution Discrimination, at the … Continue reading

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Transition into the FINAL YEAR!

Looking back on the last two years and it feels like time flew by. I’ve learned so much and have grown professionally as well in my personal life. To complete my final year in the Winston-Salem Distance Education(DE) program, I … Continue reading

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