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Registering for the LCSW Exam in NC

Earlier this semester, one of my colleagues wrote a post outlining the licensure process. If you haven’t checked it out already, I highly recommend doing so! You can find it here. If you’ve read it already and are starting to … Continue reading

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Concentrating on a Concentration

How in the world do you pick the right concentration for the rest of your career? What are you giving up when you pick, what are the field placement opportunities, what about licensure?! Breathe, friends. It’s not an all or … Continue reading

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Book Recommendations for My Hopeless Romantic Social Workers

With the school year and my academia era ending, a lot of nostalgic feelings have arose. That said, here are some of my favorite books/ authors that remind me that everything happens for a reason and that it is only … Continue reading

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Chloe’s hot tips for in-state residency

image credit: I know that when I was deciding what MSW program to attend, finances were key once I had determined what programs I was interested in: What school would give me the most financial aid?  What school had … Continue reading

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On-Campus Community

If you are anything like me, my undergraduate experience was not a common one. I was a transfer student, a non-traditional student, and to summarize I did not have that on-campus college experience.  One of the things I wanted to … Continue reading

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The Perfectionism-Procrastination Trap

When I first learned about the connection between perfectionism and procrastination, I was blown away. So much of my academic life instantly made sense. For anyone who may not have heard this before, perfectionism can often lead to procrastination. When … Continue reading

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School vs. Life – FIGHT!!

Balancing school and my personal life was a particular challenge for me. With that said, being sure that you are prioritizing your personal needs and things that make you happy is truly essential for you to be a healthy student … Continue reading

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