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As many of you reading this are aware, application deadlines are coming up! (If you didn’t know, but need to know, check it out here: … Jan 9) Based on my own experience and the experiences of friends, and judging … Continue reading

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Presenting at a Conference- Professional Development Opportunities

Academia presents itself with endless opportunities that are simply not available outside of the university structure. As an undergraduate student, I rarely took advantage of the many services and opportunities outside of my major. For my graduate career, I decided … Continue reading

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Choosing a Field Placement; an Exercise in Flexibility

This time last year I was getting very excited about choosing a field placement for my concentration year. In the first year of the full time program, the field office assigns you a field placement (with some input on your … Continue reading

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When Life Happens…

UNC School of Social Work is a very comprehensive and scrupulous academic program that purposes to prepare its students to be leaders in the field of social work. Without a purposeful balance, it is easy to dedicate the vast majority … Continue reading

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Perfect Attendance

My MSW journey began in the Winston-Salem Distance Education (DE) Program. During the first two years in Winston-Salem, we have classes scheduled all day on Friday. I was excited about being in a learning environment again. I had perfect attendance … Continue reading

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Surviving Grad School and Crock-Pot Awareness

Recently at an information session, a perspective student asked the panel of student ambassadors if it was possible to have a life outside of grad school. The questioner wanted to know whether grad school was an all encompassing thing that … Continue reading

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For All my Policy Nerds…and Those Who Love Conferences

The week before Thanksgiving, I attended the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Impact 2017 Conference in Washington D.C. with my field placement (The NC Justice Center). The conference brought together policy advocates and analysts from around the country to … Continue reading

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