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Mid-Term Pressures: The Importance of Self-Care

Mid-terms are quickly approaching and the pressures of course work, field responsibilities, and personal life are beginning to mount. The social work program at UNC is not a test heavy program but there are usually several projects, papers, and/or presentations due … Continue reading

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Short Courses

Are you familiar with short courses? I wasn’t aware of the concept before starting the MSW program at UNC. In the spring, there are a variety of short courses offered in the school of social work. These are 7 week … Continue reading

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Registration season!

Hey all! The busyness of the semester has finally started to kick in and the final race to the finish line is in full gear. With only 4 more weeks to the semester, this year is flying by! In that … Continue reading

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Roller Coastin’ It: Peaks & Troughs

As I am in the last year of my graduate program, and in the throws of my concentration field practicum, I am recognizing some familiar feelings from my foundational practicum.   Have you ever been on a roller coaster? The two … Continue reading

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Vision Boards, Taco Trucks, and Salsa Dancing: A Quick Note on Self-Care

As the fall semester begins picking up steam, I know many are beginning to feel the pressure mount. Amidst the readings, assignments, clients, and various other things that fill our days (and nights), it can be challenging to find time … Continue reading

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As an ambassador, I am often asked questions that begin with “why”…Why did you decide to get your MSW?  Why Carolina? Why now? Why…. I will endeavor to (briefly) answer some of these common questions because I know they are … Continue reading

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three little letters

So you’ve decided that you want to apply to the School of Social Work at UNC. (First, let me say you’ve made a good choice.) But sometimes the process between making the decision to apply and hitting “submit” on the … Continue reading

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