More than one reason to be happy about graduation

Several days ago, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the December graduation ceremony for the distance education students. Gowns and tassels. Programs and refreshments. Family and friends. I couldn’t help but notice the look of jubilation on the soon-to-be graduates faces. I also couldn’t help but be jealous, myself only five months away from being in their shoes. It is a proud day to graduate with an MSW, but an even prouder day to graduate from UNC School of Social Work.

In such a tough economy, being able to tell potential employers that one has recently graduated from one of the best schools in the country can put your application on top. You’re prepared with numerous hours of field experience and supervision in a variety of practice roles. You’re able to describe and defend your evidence-based practice interventions, with skills to back them up. You’ve also acquired professionalism that comes from a well-respected institution among practitioners. Your degree is more than a piece of paper with UNC written all over it. It tells a proven narrative of personal and professional development, the acquisition of skills, and the formation of knowledge and theory. Your degree is the gold standard for social work education.


About Matt Ballard

I'm in my final year of the advanced-standing, MSW/MDiv dual degree program. As a student, my interests are for organizing (faith) communities around sustainable development through program implementation and policy advocacy. Although born and raised in the suburbs of Charlotte, my hobbies revolve around agro-ecology and banjo-pickin'.
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